1. Read chapter 1 on “Sexuality, Health, and Integrity” by Kate Ott in Professi

1. Read chapter 1 on “Sexuality, Health, and Integrity” by Kate Ott in Professional Sexual Ethics, eds. Jung and Stephens.
2. Submit written reflection responses to discussion questions at the end of the chapter. Please see below for notes and modifications to particular questions.
For question #2, watch the following short video (Links to an external site) and see the Circles of Sexuality handout linked here. (Links to an external site.)
For question #3, do not submit your timeline. The timeline is for your use to do the second portion of the question which is the reflection on aspects of your sexuality. I recognize that even the reflection may include personal information you do not feel comfortable uploading to Moodle. If so, please note you have completed that question on the document, but do not submit the actual reflection.
For question #5, if you are in a non-parish setting, skip question 5 or consider applying it to the situations and individuals you serve, such as college students in a chaplaincy position or clients in a non-profit setting.
My setting is a United Methodist Church, serving as a Music Director!

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