800-1000 Fiction paper Your first formal paper will be a literary analysis focu

800-1000 Fiction paper
Your first formal paper will be a literary analysis focusing on the role of symbols in any of the short stories we have read so far this semester. ( Plot, setting, plot&antagonist&flat characters, point of view) When we analyze something, we break it down into its components to see how or why it functions or how those smaller parts combine to form a whole. In literary analysis, then, we look at component parts of a work of literature to determine the impact those parts have on the works as a whole (and the reader’s experience of that work). For this essay, you will be analyzing the use of symbols in the story of your choice. You might, for example, look at the role played by the cat in O’Connor’s story. How does it create complication in the plot? Does it foreshadow anything?
Once you have read the primary source (the story) several times and determined what you think might be important symbols, start some research. See what other experts in the field of literature have had to say about your topic, and decide if you agree with them. Read and synthesize their ideas and then incorporate them, with correct citation, into your argument.
I have included sample student papers and useful links for your review. Some of you may be very comfortable with research papers and others may not have written one in a while, so review everything provided in this module and determine if you need that information before you begin writing.
Write an 800-1000 word essay identifying and analyzing symbols in any one story we have read during our discussion of fiction. Your essay must:
Be at least 800 words long
Assume a college level-audience. Therefore, it is not necessary to define terms such as “symbolism” as your audience is already familiar with them. Your diction should be appropriate to the audience.
Use MLA format, both for in-text citations and a Works Cited page
Have a well defined thesis statement early in the essay (consisting of a topic and an opinion on that topic)
Cite at least two peer-reviewed secondary sources from a journal, periodical, and/or book
Note: Unreviewed internet sources (Sparknotes, Shmoop, Wikipedia, etc.) are NOT acceptable and using such sources will result in a failing grade for the paper.
Avoid the use of personal pronouns and commentary (I think the symbol means…)
Support your comments with specific examples and quotes from both scholarly sources as well as from the story of your choice.

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