Below are the instructions: Figure 1 is metal spoons that we use in our day to d

Below are the instructions:
Figure 1 is metal spoons that we use in our day to day life. Your project report should elaborate the entire fabrication processes involved in the production of the spoons. The report should include all the manufacturing processes involved until the final product, including the manufacturing of the starting blank piece.
The report should have 3 sections: Introduction (a brief general discussion on manufacturing process and how the invention of the process has benefited the mankind), Discussion (the manufacturing processes involved in the fabrication of the spoon shown in Figure 1, should also include your thoughts on why those processing techniques were used) and conclusion (should reflect your opinion on what you learnt from this project).
Minimum word limit is 2000 words and should include related images with proper referencing. The report should be in Times New Roman, minimum font size 12 and justified texts. All the images should have caption and numbering and images must be discussed in the discussion section. The plagarism score should be less than 10%.
Please make sure to follow the guideline for the 3 sections. Remember images must be included. Please provide references of the sources used. I will attach a sample essay to see how this one would look like when it is finished.
Here are some sources that may be useful, but you can use any source you want.

How Cutlery Is Made: Delving into the Manufacturing Process

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