Comparing and analyzing two academic books: Who speaks for the poor by Jusko and Poor Representation by Miller.

Topic: The topic of this essay is about comparing and analyzing two academic books: 1, Who speaks for the poor by Jusko and Poor Representation by Miller.
(For this project, I have already uploaded a document with 2770 words) What I need is someone to complete this writing for me. So, the end essay would be around 5250 words. Please read carefully the tone and wordings of the current essay and extend the discussion with sub-topics. Please do not repeat any points that are already presented in the essay.
What do you need to do:
1, Write the summary of Who Speaks for the poor by Jusko (attached below). And put it behind the first section of the current essay. You do not need to read the whole book, but please use the article I attached named: “Other Scholar’s review for Who speaks for the poor” paraphrase it, and generate some of your opinions to get a summary of the book (up to 600 words!!!)
2, Do a section on the Strength and Weakness of those Who Speaks for the poor. Use scholar outside sources!! Please use scholarly sources.
3, The last part is to continue the comparison of these two books. Poor Representation and Who Speaks For the Poor can both be found attached below.
In the end, the whole essay should be consistent in tone and content. In all, 5200 words. Remember, I already have 2770words. You just need to write the 2400 words for it!.
I appreciate your work and will send you a 20-dollar tip for first-time quality delivery.

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