Create an APA-style (full sentience) outline of at least one page that details t

Create an APA-style (full sentience) outline of at least one page that details the initial steps in the strategic planning process for the selected criminal justice organization and correlating public safety issues. Chapter One of the Bryson text defines a strategic plan as “. . . a deliberative, disciplined approach to producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide what an organization is, what it does, and why” (p. 7). The plan must be for the agency as a whole; it cannot be a plan for an individual unit or separate division such as the detective division, SWAT team, etc., or in response to a single issue or even two issues, such as civil unrest, COVID-19, mass shootings, etc.
Include the following objectives in your outline:
Identify by position relevant stakeholders, both external and internal, and describe their roles in the strategic planning process – what part they play in plan development. You should have a minimum of four internal stakeholders and five external stakeholders (there are many listed in your textbooks and examples are posted in Course Resources; do not guess at what they are).
Identify specific public safety issues/challenges – there must be more than three and specific crime issues must be included
List strategies for scanning and assessing issues/challenges (the S.A.R.A. model will be of assistance)
Describe in detail data and resources needed to address the issues/challenges – these must include fiscal, human, physical, and technological resources
Write a 350-word paper that discusses the following objectives:
Prioritization of the public safety issues/challenges as listed in the outline; what gets addressed first, second, third, etc.
Correlation between the organization’s mission, vision, and goals regarding the prioritized issues/challenges – how the issues are related to the mission, vision, and goals
Goals sufficient to address the issues/challenges stated in the outline
Both the outline and paper can be in the same document; just make sure there is a clear separation between the two.

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