Essay Explanation You will submit a 1,500 word research essay. You should offer

Essay Explanation
You will submit a 1,500 word research essay. You should offer a thesis statement; a detailed explanation of the major issues relevant to your theme; offer a critical analysis of the sources you have selected, including commentary on whether or not their arguments are convincing; relate your chosen sources and topic to the general themes and concepts of the course; and, explain how they address current social problems and debates. In your critical analysis, you may agree or disagree with the readings, but you must offer evidence for your arguments.
Your research essay can cite course readings, but you must also use at least three peer-reviewed social science sources that are not course readings. You can also bring in other forms of relevant media, including newspapers, broadcasts, etc.
The Topic
In our course, we discuss how digital technologies, especially those associated with platforms like Uber, Foodora, and Facebook, collect data on users and turn it into a commodity. Does this raise privacy concerns? Is this data collection fair game, a necessary part of capitalism, or does it go too far? Do we have a right to privacy and where should we draw the line about what should remain private and what can become commodified data?
Other Requirments
The assignment (i) uses the APA writing style, (j) quotations, paraphrasing, and borrowed ideas are cited correctly, and (k) there is a full bibliography.
The assignment (a) uses 12-point font, and (b) is double-spaced with one-inch margins.
The assignment (a) has a clear thesis statement, (b) applies thinking the theories and concepts discussed in our course; and (c) has not only a clear argument, but engages with potential counter-arguments, especially by focusing on opponents’ best counter-arguments.

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