Film Introduction: At the time when Bonnie and Clyde was released, the golden-ag

Film Introduction:
At the time when Bonnie and Clyde was released, the golden-age of Hollywood, or what most people would have called Classical cinema, was over-prevalent in the United States. After hearing the great critical success that Jean luc Godard reached with Breathless, American film production companies wanted to reap in on that success. They originally wanted to hire a French director to direct Bonnie and Clyde to ensure that it would recreate the same appeal that other successful French New Wave films have reached, but in the end went with Arthur Penn. Although American, he used the same strategies and visual storytelling from the French New Wave, and Bonnie and Clyde was a huge commercial and financial success despite its controversies! It was from here that the expression of cinema was expanded to what we are most familiar with today.
Film Information:
Film: Bonnie and Clyde
Region: USA
Year: 1967
Director: Arthur Penn
Film Screening:
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Assignment – Short Essay:
Heavily influenced by the commercial and critical success of French New Wave films, Bonnie and Clyde ushered in a new wave of American cinema. In what ways was Bonnie and Clyde controversial during this time, and how did the French New Wave influence Hollywood cinema? How is the birth of the French New Wave and the issues it was trying to correct related to current-day cinema?
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