Follow the attached rubric and do exactly wat it says please , please Human Reso

Follow the attached rubric and do exactly wat it says please , please
Human Resource Management (MGT 631)
Individual assessment (90%)
Please choose only two questions out of the four below and develop an essay-type answer to
address each question:
1. ‘Talent management is merely a re-branding of HRM’. Discuss the extent to which you agree
with this statement.
2. The ‘universalist approach’ to strategic human resource management suggests there are
certain universal ‘best practices’ that all firms can adopt. Discuss the extent to which you
agree with this claim, highlighting the pros and cons of the universalist approach.
3. Equal Opportunities approaches and the management of diversity are best viewed not as
alternatives, but as complementary approaches which need to be interrelated. Critically
evaluate this statement.
4. The success or failure of a performance management activity depends on the philosophy
underlying it, its connection with corporate goals and the attitudes of those who are involved
in it. Discuss.
• The total word count for the assessment is 3000 words.
• For each answer you have a word limit of 1500 words.
• For each question you must develop an essay-type answer drawing on the topics you
were introduced to in this module.
• You are required to draw on relevant textbooks/journal articles available on the
Reading List.
• You are required to use citations and in-text references in order to develop and
support your arguments.
• You will be offered a choice over which questions to answer. If you supply answers in
excess of the number requested, the excess answers will not be marked.
Criteria for assessment
1. The structure, clarity, scope/specificity and justification of analysis. Attention to all of
the formatting requirements.
2. The ability to address the question comprehensively through a systematic argument
that supports a particular position.
3. Knowledge of theories and concepts introduced during the module, use of the
module’s essential readings (textbooks and/or academic journal articles), and
evidence of further readings.
4. Relevance to the material/topics discussed during HRM lectures.
5. Critical thinking and using arguments for/against relevant theories and concepts in
support of the answers.
Word count requirements
• A maximum word count of 3000 words has been set for this assessment – 1500 words
for each answer.
• The student should state the actual word count of each essay at the end of each essay.
• The overall word count includes in-text citations and quotations.
• The overall word count does not include graphs, tables or list of references.

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