For this assignment, you will be developing and presenting an Educational, Narra

For this assignment, you will be developing and presenting
an Educational, Narrative PowerPoint. In the presentation of your chosen topic,
be sure to examine the pathophysiological factors that influence the incidence
and manifestations of acute, episodic, and chronic diseases in populations
across the lifespan (MN551-3). Narrative, PowerPoint Assignment
Design and develop a 10-slide PowerPoint
presentation using voice/narrative feature on each slide (the title and
reference slides do not count in the slide count, but must be included in the
assignment), that will be used to educate the community.
Narrative, PowerPoint Contents to include, but
not be limited to:
Risk factors and causes
Possible consequences
Prevention Strategies
Treatment Modalities
PowerPoint Format:
Follow APA 7th edition format
for PowerPoint presentations.
Use the slide notes section in
the presentation to include information that follows your narration, being
sure to follow the conventions of Standard English.
Slide content should include
brief points that identify the areas that will be addressed in the
In-text citations should be
included with any brief points that were researched from outside sources,
and the narration should fully explain the points.
Reference all sources on a
separate reference slide at the end of the presentation and cite each
source in the body of the presentation using 7th edition APA format.
Identify the sources of any
pictures you use, being sure to cite them correctly in 7th edition APA
style, using in-text citations.
Narration Guidelines:
Maintain a professional tone by
summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide.
Ensure that your presentation
is highly ordered, logical, and unified.
Words should be clearly
enunciated and professional tone should be sustained throughout the
presentation narration.
Audio recording should be free
of background noise and interruptions.
Make sure all of the content topics of the
assignment have been addressed.
Cite at least five references in your
PowerPoint; this may include peer-reviewed journal articles, textbooks, or
evidence-based practice websites to support the content.
All reference sources must be within 5 years.
Do not use sources such as Wikipedia or UpToDate
as a reference.

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