For this assignment: Find Figure 5.2 in your chapter 5 reading. It is titled:

For this assignment:
Find Figure 5.2 in your chapter 5 reading. It is titled: Stakeholder Register for a Medium Complex Project for Dynamic General Corporation.
Use that as a template/guide and create a word document. You are to re-create the matrix in a document and submit it through Blackboard.
Create the word document and create a Stakeholder Register using the format from the book/reading.
Determine your stakeholders for your project (the cafe in Building D on Scott Northern Campus). Remember that a stakeholder is anyone impacted by your project – but you need to identify the Top 5 Stakeholders for this exercise. You must list 5.
For your Stakeholder name, you should NOT use a person’s given name. You should enter the ROLE that this stakeholder has. For example, someone sponsors and pays for your project. Who is that? For that stakeholder, you would use “PROJECT SPONSOR” as your entry. Then fill out the rest of the information. Who are your potential customers? Which are the most important and how will you communicate with them? Is any division or department at the college touched by your project? Are they an important stakeholder? And, if you have to have permits and inspections, is the City f Raleigh important as a stakeholder? These are some good hints/tips to think about.
Additional hint: See the Key Takeaways that are listed under the FIgure 5.2. This text will reinforce the concept of stakeholders and what that means for the assignment.
How You Are Graded (100 points total):
1. Produce/Reproduce the Stakeholder Register shell/format as instructed (25 points)
2. Proper identification of 5 Stakeholders for this project (40 points)
3. Proper spelling/grammar/capitalization/etc. (10 points)
4. Demonstrated understanding of what each of these stakeholders need in terms of project contact (25 points)
Please feel free to reach out for any questions or concerns!
Thank you!

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