Hello Film 71, My expectation is that your final is going to be an improved ver

Hello Film 71,
My expectation is that your final is going to be an improved version of your midterm.
But I also expect that you will go beyond my edits so take this as an opportunity to practice editing your own writing, which is a really important skill.
Edit out common errors. So I have noted in some lectures and in some slides and in some additional material some common errors and also some typical suggestions on how to improve your work and write a quality film analysis. My expectation is that you all have seen all of that material, so I will mark down if I’m noting common errors that I know I have made a point of pointing out to you already, for example, films are italicized only no quotation marks and they are italicized every time you mentioned them. So if I see that error, at this point on the final I will be marking that down okay and if you look in the midterm module you’ll see an attachment that says useful reading for crafting a film analysis, in addition to that, please make sure to note carefully the instructions right and I have also provided additional slides in different weeks that have suggestions so just review the material, not just for suggestions for the midterm also but you know if you know that you’re writing on cinematography or you know that you’re writing about a film that’s very similar to Memento then go back through that material check out the supplementary reading that I’ve provided, do further research or Google your film and see who else has written about it and try to be in conversation with those people.
That is actually a key skill in advanced scholarship, so in advance scholarship as it stands today being able to identify other people in the field, discussing subjects like yours and entering the conversation they have started, adding critique, challenge, affirm that is kind of at the heart of advanced scholarship so take this as an opportunity to practice.

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