Homo floresiensis

Assignment Overview:
Homo floresiensis is a recently discovered new hominin species. This research paper assignment is a review of the scientific method as illustrated by using the discovery, classification, and updates on Homo floresiensis.
This type of research paper is a report on the timeline of a discovery and subsequent revision of analysis as new information comes to light. The underlying point of this assignment is for you to show me that you understand the self-correcting nature of the
scientific method. Your paper should involve discussion of how this new species was defined from fossil evidence, preliminary
analysis and hypotheses, obtaining an accurate date for the material, and updating preliminary reports to correct the published
reports as a result of learning new information.
So … how do I do this?
1. Research at least five (5) different sources of reliable scientific information as the basis for your paper (more sources are
recommended). Use the CoA Library Databases and/or other reputable online and/or recently published sources (2004 – 2022) to
gain an understanding of the discovery, analysis, revisions and controversies with respect to Homo floresiensis over time.
ï‚· DO NOT use Wikipedia or similar crowd-contributed websites as sources of information for this paper.
ï‚· This is a timeline report. Start with early publications and end with the most recent updated information, noting corrections to
earlier published information as needed.
2. Introduce the focus of your paper in a concise thesis statement that appears at the end of your first paragraph. A thesis
statement tells the reader what the paper is about. This means that you will need to have a clear idea of what you are writing about BEFORE you start!
3. Discuss what you learned about Homo floresiensis from initial discovery to the most recent publications on the ongoing analysis
of this species. I recommend that you create an outline for the body of your paper to organize all of the information from first
publications to most recent publications so that the initial information and subsequent corrections timeline is clear.
4. Recap and conclude. What did you learn about how the scientific method works as it pertains to this discovery? Your conclusion must include a restatement of your thesis and clearly reference your research and analysis of this topic.
Every student must write their own, original work written specifically for this Spring 2022 class, based on their individual
understanding of the information currently available for this assignment. Use your own words and syntax to restate information. Do not resort to plagiarism in any form.
Plagiarized papers will receive a grade of “0”.
Please read this information about what constitutes plagiarism:
Plagiarism | University of Oxford: https://www.ox.ac.uk/students/academic/guidance/skills/plagiarism
Plagiarism FAQs // Purdue Writing Lab: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/avoiding_plagiarism/plagiarism_faq.html
Format Requirements
ï‚· Your name, title of assignment and date written must be in the top left corner of first page (NOTHING ELSE!).
ï‚· No cover page, no abstracts.
ï‚· Double-spaced, 12-point font, written in English, minimum of four FULL pages or more.
ï‚· Indent the start of each new paragraph. No extra lines between paragraphs.
ï‚· Include a full source page at the end of your paper (five sources minimum, more than 5 is preferred, fewer than 5 is not
acceptable). List complete source citations in APA format.
Visit the CoA Learning Center and/or the CoA reference librarian for help constructing a complete source page in APA format.
ï‚· Use in-text citations to identify the source(s) of quoted and/or technical and/or highly specialized information included in your
paper. In-text citations look like this: (family name of author, first initials of author, year of publication). For example: (Smithson, J. 2019).
ï‚· DO NOT use footnotes. Science research papers do not use footnotes, only in-text citations to attribute short quotes and/or
highly technical material.
This assignment is worth 30 points: 25 points for content and 5 points for correctly written source page.
I am looking for a clear thesis statement, a well written, concise and original discussion of current information on this topic, a
concise conclusion at the end of your paper AND a properly constructed reference page that contains all sources of information
researched for this paper.
ï‚· Excellent work (score 27-30): Demonstrates thorough understanding of the topic through specific, detailed discussion. Analysis
addresses all aspects of the assignment prompt.
Conclusion is comprehensive and concise.
ï‚· Good work (score 24-26): Demonstrates moderate understanding of the topic through discussion, but lacks sufficient detail.
Research section addresses aspects of the assignment prompt, but analysis is not clear or complete. Conclusion is adequate
but not thorough.
ï‚· Adequate work (score 21-23): Demonstrates some understanding of the topic but lacks sufficient discussion and details. Analysis lacks details and/or insufficient understanding of research information. Able to draw generic conclusion or missing conclusion.
ï‚· Inadequate work (score 18-20): Demonstrates some understanding of the topic, but little effort was made to complete this
assignment. Opinion outweighs analysis, little demonstration of having learned anything about the topic.
ï‚· Not acceptable work (score 17 or below): Did not understand the assignment.
 Plagiarized work or no assignment submitted: score of “0”

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