Purpose In this assignment, you will

In this assignment, you will define Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and apply it to adapt learning experiences for a child’s individual needs.
Define Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as it pertains to Early Childhood Education and how it supports learning for individual children.
Observe Elijah in this video and give examples of his facial expressions, how he moves his body, and how he uses his hands.
Give a personal example of other children in your care, who have exhibited similar ways of exploring materials as Elijah.
List at least 5 examples of how Elijah explored the containers in the video.
Choose 3 of your examples of how Elijah used the containers and give an example of how you can expand and individualize Elijah’s learning and development for each of your examples.
You can type directly into the text box or upload a file.
20 points Minimum 300 words.

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