]https://youtu.be/aXHlTEJyMOU https://youtu.be/tkZqPMzgvzg What does Culturally


What does Culturally Relevant Pedagogy mean to you (explain in your own words. Do not quote)? Where you ever in a class that was Culturally Relevant? Share,
What are the things a school can do to create a culturally relevant environment? State a few and explain.
Discuss how you feel about discussing with your students about the effects of the pandemic, police abuse in communities of color, the Black Lives Matter, and school shootings. How can you approach the topic with your students? How can Culturally Relevant Pedagogies help you prepare for these kinds of conversations?
How do the videos help you understand and create a culturally relevant pedagogy?
What does “color blind” teaching mean and what are the consequences of it in education?

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