I would like for the paper to be about Bernie Sanders, please. Assignment Conte

I would like for the paper to be about Bernie Sanders, please.
Assignment Content
For this assignment you are to chose 1 elected official who is CURRENTLY in office. This can be anyone who was elected into office in any federal position or any Texas position (but someone like Alex Padilla, CA Senator, does not count because he was appointed). In your paper you must: provide some background on the candidate (e.g. their experience such as is this their first elected position? have they held office before? Qualification?), and what their position is on 2 issues. This can be any 2 issues–ones they talk about a lot, ones important to them/their constituents/you.
formatting: 4-5 pages, double spaced, 12 point times new roman font with 1 inch margins all around. Works Cited does NOT count towards the page requirement. Title pages are optional but do NOT count towards the page requirement. The 4-5 pages is strictly based on content.
Papers are to be uploaded by end of day June 26. Papers will be checked for plagiarism. You should aim to have 3 credible sources. This can include the official’s website and newspaper sources as long as the news source is credible. You may submit at any time. Papers will be graded shortly after submission and there are NO REDOS or corrections.
I do not care what style of citations you use internally in your paper as long as you have them and are consistent. An easy style is Chicago in-text citations. After you make a reference to someone’s work you use last name year of publication and page number if it’s a direct quote (Gregory, 2022). You MUST have internal citations—no citations is a form of plagiarism. You do not innately know information about the elected official you pick.
Finally, just a reminder I don’t care which elected officials you chose or which policy issues you talk about. You are graded on accuracy of information (based on the sources you use) and the quality of writing.
finally, ONLY PDFS AND .DOCX files are allowed. Blackboard can only read word and pdfs. If blackboard can’t read it, I can’t grade it.
an “A” paper will:
address all parts of the prompt while being well organized and free of any major grammatical error. Paper has consist citations throughout the paper and a works cited page/bibliography on the sources used.
A “B” paper will:
address all parts of the prompt but have some disorganization in the structure of the paper. Some grammatical errors that detract from the coherency of the argument exist. Paper has some citations but are not consistent in citation style or paper is undercited. Paper has a works cited/bibliography page.
A “C” paper will:
address only parts of the prompt and suffer from either disorganization of the paper’s structure or grammatical errors that weaken the argument of the paper. Paper has a works cited/bibliography page but no internal citations. no internal citations = automatic C as the highest grade possible
A “D” paper will:
only address part of the paper and/or falls under 3 pages. Paper has works cited page/bibliography but no internal citations. The paper suffers from lack of credible information and major grammatical error.
an “F” paper:
is 2.5 pages or less. it does not address all parts of the prompt and/or suffers from major grammatical error and/or uses incorrect sources of information. Paper has no internal citations and no works cited/bibliography page.

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