In your criminal justice career, you’ll encounter many local and community probl

In your criminal justice career, you’ll encounter many local and community problems to solve. These problems can often be addressed through initiatives funded locally and by typical budgetary requests. However, sometimes you need to get community support for a problem before you can bring a solution. In this assignment, you write a paper expanding on the problem you identified in this week’s discussion.
Review the Reality Check at the end of Step: 3, “Writing a Compelling Problem Statement,” in Winning Grants Step by Step. This explains the trap of circular reasoning and how to avoid it when communicating a problem.
Write a 525- to 700-word paper in which you do the following:
Describe a problem within your community that affects your criminal justice system.
Identify the population that is affected by the problem.
Explain how the problem creates needs within your community.
Research and include at least 1 outside research resource supporting the existence of the identified problem (e.g., statistical data, newspaper article, local government board minutes).
Select a funding source from the options that you’ve identified in your research or in this week’s discussion with your peers, and explain how the funding source aligns with your problem.
Identify 1 potential collaborator that would benefit from addressing this problem and may help you compile and present a grant proposal.
Submit your assignment.
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