Listen to the madrigal “As Vesta was from latmos hill descending”

Listen to the madrigal “As Vesta was from latmos hill descending”
Don’t forget to spend enough time on each example. You won’t get the points if the examples are briefly discussed.
Describe where text painting is happening and how it is happening in at least 10 instances.
Indicate when it is happening in the recording through the timings.
Explain how texture, mode (major or minor), musical device, meter, and number of voices contribute to the text painting.
(You must include time frames for all of these examples)
**Since you will be using the recording (video below), you must include the time frames. Always be specific! ( 10 points )
How to include the time frames? for instance… (these are NOT the answers!)
polyphony texture happens from 1:30 – 2:04… (discuss it enough time before moving onto next)
Meter changes at 3:04… (discuss it enough time before moving onto next)
key modulation happens (major to minor, minor to major) at 1:24 (discuss it enough time before moving onto next)
The text painting happens with “the (specific) text” from 2:02 – 2:15

1) Your document should have double line spacing on letter-size paper and use Times New Roman, 12pt, or a similar font. ( 3 points each )
2)Your unnecessary info does not count toward a minimum 400-word requirement.
At the beginning of your work, ONLY include your name & the title
Do NOT include class info, instructor’s name, submission date
3)Start a NEW paragraph every time you discuss a NEW topic/idea.
*Make sure you spend enough time on each topic/idea
*Your assignments shouldn’t be written in a long paragraph ( 5 points)
4)Make sure you answer ALL the questions
7)Only ONE submission is allowed (please double check everything before submitting the assignment)
8)You must include the time frames ( 10 points)
9)Late submission penalty: if the submission timestamp is marked as “LATE”, you will lose 5 points. NO exception!
For example, LATE – submitted on Feb. 15 at 12:02 am: this is STILL late. Always start uploading your assignment (word doc) before 11 pm.
10)Don’t simply answer the questions. Follow the academic writing structure like a short essay!

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