Marketing Plan The Final project will be a Marketing Plan. The learner will sele

Marketing Plan
The Final project will be a Marketing Plan.
The learner will select an opportunity to bring to market in week 1. The learner will write a 10 – 15-page marketing
plan where you will introduce a new product (tangible good or service) or product line extension (major
modification of an existing product) for your company. Your plan should be properly researched, supported, and
cited based on facts and course concepts. Be sure to analyze and provide the “why” (does this matter)/ “so what” (what is the impact) for statements. Use anything and everything for assistance including your professor.
Marketing Plan format for week 4
Contents must include:
Title page
Executive Summary One page only
Table of Contents
Introduction to project Literature review (citations included)
Mission statement
SWOT analysis
Marketing Objectives
A description of the target market
A positioning strategy
Marketing mix strategy to include details of each element for proposed product
The product
Distribution and
Promotion strategies that satisfy the objectives and address the target market.
Conclusions and recommendations
References (no less than 8) APA format Use of higher-level reference materials is required, e.g., ProQuest (WSJ, Bloomberg)
Additionally this reference/text book has to be one of the references you use. Chapters 1-19 need to be cited
throughout the plan.
Lamb, C. W., Hair, J. F., & McDaniel, C. (2018). MKTG (12th Edition). Cengage Limited. ISBN: 9780357233467
Also attached is my Environmental Analysis for additional suppot.

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