OD Topical Presentation– This assignment has several purposes. First, it gives

OD Topical Presentation– This assignment has several purposes. First, it gives you the opportunity to explore in-depth one
of the following topics related to OD. Second it provides you with the opportunity to critically
examine and reflect on HR, HRD, and/or OD related practices in your own organization.
Topics to select from:
• Diagnostic OD vs. dialogic OD and/or appreciative inquiry (compare and contrast)
• Process vs. content consultation (compare and contrast)
EHRD 611 – Organization Development and Change
• Group dynamics and team building (given the global health crisis, you may focus on
virtual teams. However, be sure to address virtual team dynamics and enhancing virtual
team effectiveness via some type of OD or HRD intervention or set of interventions)
• Work design (including, but not limited to job enrichment)
• Organization design
• Techno-structural interventions
• Employee wellness
• Large group interventions
• OD for economic, ecological, and/or social outcomes
o Please do not present on a topic related to organizational change, leading change,
change management, transformational change, sustainable change, or the like.
Criteria for the Presentation
• Assume the audience knows nothing about the topic.
• Identify the big picture as well as the details of the OD practice or intervention.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the topic/concepts beyond the textbook and/or weekly
lectures. • Include detailed speaker notes/presentation script.
• Note: Please connect your topic to your job or HR, HRD, or OD practices in your work
organization. If this is not possible, then please interview at least one consultant or
practitioner inside or outside of your organization who has experience and expertise in
your chosen topic in order to connect the topic to an organization. You should incorporate at least 5 references to scholarly (i.e., refereed, blind reviewed, or peer
reviewed) journal articles that are NOT included in the course material. In addition to these five
scholarly journal articles, feel free to include references from scholarly or practitioner books,
trade magazines, or other popular sources (e.g., research reports from professional organizations
or credible institutes). In addition, the references should be written in the APA style. . If chosen to relate to my work I am in the Army as a Unit Supply Sergeant. The book we have went through is by Cummings, T. & Worley, C. (2019) Organizational Development and Change, 11th Edition.
Boston, MA: Cengage. ISBN-13: 978-0357033906 or ISBN-10: 0357033906. I am okay with any topic as long as it ties into the reading material and If a topic of interest helps, I am big on waste managment/ recycling.

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