Paper #3: Correlation If Paper #1 was about a single context and Paper #2 compar

Paper #3: Correlation
If Paper #1 was about a single context and Paper #2 compared across contexts, Paper #3 asks you to correlate across the course as a whole. Your task is to write the course’s final lecture. First, you’ll choose a topic anchored in the present day (some options listed below, but you can deviate if you want). Then, select one source from each column below and use a theme to analyze each and link them together and to your chosen present-day topic. In other words: your task is to bring us home, to trace a thread from the early-nineteenth century to the present. This paper is worth 20 points (i.e. 20% of your grade) and you have a lot of time to complete it. Good luck!
Please select one source from each column. Cite any additional sources at the end of the paper.
Column #1
Column #2
Column #3
Du Bois
Choose a present-day topic that interests you and is not on the syllabus. Options include: fMRI, medical cannabis, sports psychology, meditation apps, machine learning—the list goes on. (USE MEDITATION APPS )Your lecture should be a long history of your chosen topic, linking it to key moments and sources from the table above with a course theme. Trace your theme across the sources and up to the present, dedicating a paragraph to each source/age and tying it all together with a lesson about your chosen present-day topic. Remember: your main task is to make an original historical argument about what has changed or stayed the same across two centuries of minds and brains. Rather than summarize your sources at length, use well-chosen passages or moments as evidence for your argument. What lessons does this history hold for how we understand your chosen topic?
Logistics: Your name, a title for the paper, proper formatting, length, &c. [1 point]
Composition: Clarity of presentation, structure and organization, style, &c. [3 points]
Context: Do you make sense of your sources in their context? [3x 4 points each]
Correlation: Do you make an original argument tracing change over time? [4 points]
Format: within 50 words of 1,000 words; 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman font
Citations: Parenthetical page #s for quotations, plus any additional citations at end
Due: By 11:59pm on due date on Canvas. One point deducted per 24-hour delay.

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