Part 1 150 words Each of us has an identity that is unique from the stereotypes

Part 1 150 words
Each of us has an identity that is unique from the stereotypes associated with our gender, race, religion, etc. In this week’s post, we will take a closer look at socioeconomic stereotypes.
Find a meme or advertisement that perpetuates a socioeconomic stereotype. Write 150 words on how this meme or advertisement responding to the following questions:
Does the meme or ad make certain assumptions about people who are poor, middle-class, or rich?
Which socioeconomic group is viewed as more important or valuable?
What attitudes and beliefs do these representations reinforce?
Part 2
Write two replies of 50 words each to your peers
Peer 1 Hiromi Matsue
I chose an ad by Rick Caruso for mayor because he represents the extremely rich socioeconomic class, though he is trying to appeal to the lower and middle class. Here he discredits the cry’s to ‘Defund the police’ which should resonate with his base. There is a large badge at the bottom showing his support from the two former LAPD chiefs. Right in the middle of the ad, it says ‘Democrat’, which is meant to hopefully deceive voters who may not realize that he was a lifelong Republican and then started to switch parties 3 years ago to give him a chance to win the election here in democrat friendly Los Angeles. He owns many luxury apartment buildings and shopping centers, but he is running on how he will fix the homeless problem quickly by building affordable housing for the poor, yet he hasn’t built any yet. I see his TV ads using mostly people from the lower socioeconomic classes along with celebrities that appeal to these classes.
Peer 2
Aseel Ahmad
The meme I picked does make assumptions about poor and rich people. I feel like this meme shows how many people have to compete in the same recess but it is easier for some. It shows how the poor side has many different things in their way trying to stop them but they are still going. Then it shows the rich side and how everything is much easier for them. The rich side is shown as more important and has things easier. The poor side is shown as more vulnerable and not having it as easy. These attitudes and beliefs make poorer people think that they should not try because the richer person will always have it easier. I think that true that some people will have it easier than you but I feel that people should still try and fight if they want it. I picked this meme because I felt it got my eye and was something I have not seen before.

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