Part 1 Each of us has an identity that is unique from the stereotypes associated

Part 1
Each of us has an identity that is unique from the stereotypes associated with our gender, race, religion, etc. In this week’s post, we will take a closer look at gender stereotypes.
Find a meme or advertisement that perpetuates a gender stereotype. Attach it to your post. Then write 150 words on how this meme or advertisement responding to the following questions (you do not have to answer them all):
How does the work dramatize implicitly or explicitly the difference between the masculine and the feminine?
What value does it ascribe to these differences?
How do these stereotypes reinforce or challenge the patriarchal discourse and its value or that which is feminine? That is, what attitudes or beliefs do these representations reinforce or challenge?
Part 2
Write two replies of 50 words each to your peers.
Peer 1 Hiromi Matsue
This ad takes a patronizing attitude toward women running their own businesses, implying that they wouldn’t have the skills necessary. It’s mostly the text that talks down to women, by showing a young, trendy girl saying “You do the girl boss thing” and advertising a people-per-hour temporary work service as if she wouldn’t be able to handle running her own business or even want to. It reinforces the stereotype of girls being pretty, weak, and not able to think of themself as a leader or self-starters. Of course, if we put a picture of a man in this ad it would be blatantly obvious how ridiculous this sounds, and the fact that this ad was made makes me realize that we all have to be vigilant about our own stereotypes and preconceptions about gender and how easy it is to fall back into our old habits.
Peer 2 Cleidy Haro
Momtrepreneur is a new term geared to label a mom entrepreneur. When labels are created it automatically separates people in to groups and starts exclusion. When searching Google for CEO Ad’s the first 30 pictures have a male figure on their ad. The image that a female, let alone a mom can not be CEO is embedded in our culture. In society it is still viewed as women do most of the house/kids work and their career is either at a halt or complete hiatus. Being an entrepreneur is a big accomplishment and has many challenges for all. Being labeled as a Momtrepreneur has an added pressure and stereotype. Mom’s are expected to juggle it all and then questions whether or not they give all of their attention to the business. This ad shows that women do not want to be labeled as Momtrepreneur and be judged for being a mom. This is just an added pressure. They want to be judged for their work and labeled as Entrepreneurs.

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