Please use Canadian example(s) and Canadian media sources. This essay is for a

Please use Canadian example(s) and Canadian media sources. This essay is for a Canadian equity, diversity and inclusion course at the community college level.
The assignment instructions from the course leader are:
a recent news story about competing rights*. Alternatively, choose a
topic that has direct connection to you and/or your work.
This paper is due by the end of Week 4.
Conduct research on how the issue of competing rights was handled by the organization in question.
Write a reflection paper where you:
Summarize the story in one paragraph.
Briefly comment on the media coverage if applicable. How do different media sources report on the same story?
Consider: what is the slant, what information is included, what is left out? Do the media reporting favour one side or another?
Critically analyze and comment briefly on the effectiveness of how the situation was managed by the parties involved.
As a leader, what processes might you use to begin to address this situation?
* Be sure to cite your sources for information referenced.
Min length: 1000 words.
Max length: 1500 words.
are a few examples of cases involving competing rights that you might
choose from, or find your own:
2015 Memorial University of Newfoundland case of Professor Dr. Panjabi and student William Sears.
Porter Airlines case where flight attendant asked female passenger to
change seats to accommodate another passenger who would not sit beside a
woman for religious reasons.
Terminal Barber shop case where a Muslim barber refused to cut the hair
of a female patron for religious reasons. The female patron filed a
complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
2014 York University case where student requested religious accommodation not to work with women for religious reasons.
Canada Border Services Agency case where CBSA manager on duty told all
female CBSA agents to leave the floor to accommodate Hindu priests
arriving on a flight to Toronto.
2013 Jenny’s Bridal Boutique case in which the bridal shop refused to let a transgendered woman try on dresses.

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