Scenarios Scenario 1 You are working as a uniform patrol officer in a one-person

Scenario 1
You are working as a uniform patrol officer in a one-person marked police cruiser. It is 9 PM on Saturday evening, and you receive a radio call from dispatch assigning you to attend a domestic dispute complaint in a residential neighbourhood. Dispatch advises you that the call has been received from a neighbour to the home where the domestic dispute is taking place.
The caller, Bill Murphy, reports to dispatch that he heard a woman screaming and, when he went outside, he saw his neighbour, Randy Smith and Randy’s wife, Jane, standing on their front lawn yelling at each other. He then saw Randy strike Jane in the face with his fist, and drag her by the hair back into the house. He can still hear them yelling, and he heard some crashing noises coming from their house. He does not know if there is alcohol involved, although he does know that Randy often drinks heavily. No weapons were seen, and the neighbour does not know if Smith owns any firearms. The Smiths have two young sons, eight years and four years of age. The neighbour did not see the two boys.
As you walk towards the house, the neighbour/witness, Bill Murphy, approaches you and states that Randy Smith just left the premises alone in his blue Dodge truck. You can see a woman and two young boys looking out the front window of the premises.
Develop an Interview Plan to interview witness Bill Murphy
Select Scenario 1 or Scenario 2.
Create a plan for this interview. Using the template (COM 2275 Assignment 2 Template.docx), describe IN DETAIL:
Your objectives and the rationale behind choosing those objectives
What information you will gather before the interview and how you will get it
Interview considerations
Your plan for the interview time, space, room set-up etc., and your rationale for each decision

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