Select one parent who is currently raising a child who is between two and twelve

Select one parent who is currently raising a child who is between two and twelve years old. They must be living with the child, but the child does not have to be biologically theirs — may be adopted or a stepchild or a foster child. Do not use yourself, your spouse or your ex-spouse because it is usually too hard for people to be objective in those situations.
Questions to Ask:
Describe the kids you are currently raising: name(s), age(s), sex(es).
What are some of the rules that you have for your kid(s)? Do you think you are stricter or easier than other parents?
How much do you discuss your rules and the reasons you have them with your children?
How open are you to negotiating about the rules?
What type of discipline do you use with your children? How well do you think this approach works?
What is the hardest disciplinary issue that you’ve faced with each of your children? (Ask for specific examples.)
How affectionate are you towards your kids?
How mature do you think your children should be?
Looking down the road about 10 years from now, how do you think your kids will turn out?
What has had the greatest impact on your parenting style?
What is one thing that you think you could do better as a parent?
Instructions for Essay:
Your essay should be at least three pages long.
Briefly summarize the answers that the parent interviewee gave for each of the questions (Do not transcribe the answers word for word).
Which of the four parenting styles described in the lesson do you believe describes this parent the best, and why? If you feel the parent is using a combination of styles, which ones, and why do you think they’ve chosen this approach?
What are your observations about how this parent’s style is working?

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