Signature Assignment: Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Model Directions: The

Signature Assignment: Applying an Ethical Decision-Making Model
Directions: The student will utilize a standard ethical decision-making model (provided below) to process and resolve an ethical dilemma case in counseling. Case scenarios are provided below by the instructor. From these cases, the student will choose one case to process utilizing the model.
Larry, a 14-year-old Latino, is sent to a family guidance clinic by his parents. During the first session the
counselor, Kieran, sees Larry and his parents together. Kieran is a counselor who has strong religious
beliefs. He is open about this in his professional disclosure statement, explaining that his religious beliefs
play a major part in his personal and professional life. Kieran tells the parents in Larry’s presence that
what he and Larry discuss will be confidential and that he will not feel free to disclose information
acquired through the sessions without his permission. The parents seem to understand that
confidentiality is necessary for trust to develop between their son and his counselor. During a later
session, Larry discloses having a drug problem and tells Kieran about a few brushes with death when he
was under the influence of drugs. The counselor agrees not to inform his parents on the condition that
he quits using. Kieran believes that clients should not be judged due to his religious beliefs that
judgment is reserved for God. Larry apparently stops using drugs for several weeks. However, one night
when he is under the influence of PCP he has a serious automobile accident which leaves him paralyzed.
Larry’s parents angrily assert that they had a legal right to be informed that he was unstable to the point
of committing such an act. They file suit against both the counselor and the agency.
The student will create responses to the 8-step model regarding their specific case through a Journal post. The student will utilize and cite a minimum of 3 sources. Two of the 3 required sources must be the ACA and NBCC Codes of Ethics, the other source could be a scholarly journal, book, or appropriate website. The student will utilize proper spelling, grammar, intelligible sentences, and APA format for their intext citations and references. The assignment will be submitted as an electronic journal on the Bb course page and WILL NOT be submitted to Livetext.
ACA Code of Ethics 2014.pdf
NBCC Code of Ethics 2016.pdf
Ethical Decision-Making Model by Corey, Corey, Corey & Callahan (2015)
1. Identify the problem (ethical dilemma).
2. Identify other potential issues involved.
3. Identify the relevant ethical guidelines (cite standards from both the ACA and NBCC code of ethics that apply).
4. Identify the relevant laws and regulations.
5. Identify the possible consultation sources that could be utilized.
6. Identify potential courses of action (at least 2 different options).
7. Identify the consequences of the potential courses of action (for each option in step 7).
8. Identify the best course of action and why.

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