SUMMARY Rapid changes in the business environment are driving the need for profe

Rapid changes in the business environment are driving the need for professionals to employ data analysis at all levels of the organization. Understanding the information needs requires that professionals consider various business strategies.
Part 1 Simulation Results Report (paper attached for your reference)
Based on your Marketing
Simulation: Customer Centricity results, write a report that analyzes the relationship between market valuation and customer equity.
Instructions Part 3
Based on the strategy proposed, write a board report. Then develop a presentation that could be delivered as a compelling, narrated report to board members to justify the decisions and the chosen strategic direction from the simulation.
Address the business objective and include the following:
A summary of the simulation results including:
the rationale for the proposed strategies
unexpected outcomes
the impact the outcomes had on the strategic direction
A discussion of the impact of the proposed strategies on market valuation and customer equity
An explanation of how the impact may be viewed through the lens of a servant leader
Recommend the next steps for the Board.
Citation Requirements: minimum of 4
Word Count: 750 word count
9 power point Slides
slide notes of prompting what to say
APA Formatting
Summary of the simulation results
Discussion of the proposed strategy impact
Recommendation to the Board

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