The CSUS, Office of Graduate Studies requires an “Unbound Project” from all MBA

The CSUS, Office of Graduate Studies requires an “Unbound Project” from all MBA students enrolled in IMBA 500 as their Culminating Experience. The Unbound Project includes:
· An Abstract
· A Project Approval Completion form.
An abstract is essentially a statement summarizing the important points of a project (like an executive summary). This abstract will be based on the case study/project that you completed in your IMBA 500 course. It should be approximately 2 to 3 double spaced pages. You must follow the standard Thesis/Project margin, spacing, and pagination requirements. You can use the content of the abstract/executive summary part of your final report for the abstract to turn in. Just copy and paste the text into the attached template. You do not need to include references or footnotes, as this abstract is meant to be a general summary of your project. Also, you do not need to obtain any signatures before submitting your abstract to me.
For the purposes of the abstract, Dr. Tyra Shao is the “Committee Chair”. The specific instructions for completion of an abstract are in the attached document. Again, you can use the attached document as a template for your abstracts as it is already formatted to meet the university requirements (i.e. margins, pagination, line spacing). Our suggestion is that you complete your project report first, then copy the text part of the appropriate section (executive summary or abstract) of your full report and paste into the formatted template file as pure text to produce the Formatted Abstract document.

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