The future of “Working From Home”

Search the Columbia College Library for an article that is interesting and related to the selected topic…The future of “Working From Home”
Your review should summarize the article and then assess and analyze it in terms of the selected topic. You should have at least 3 pages (NO MORE AND NO LESS THAN 3 FULL PAGES), double-spaced, not including the title and reference pages. Your reference page must include a citation for the article and the textbook. Follow APA Style.
Your review should include as a minimum the following:
Title of the Article
Describe the contents of your selected article by covering the subject matter, and what the article offers to the reader.
Highlight its good points, what you liked best about the article, and why.
Highlight the not-so-good points, what you did not like about the article, and why.
The article to review is attached along with some info from the textbook for the required citation. The only required sources are this article and textbook.

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