The goal is to be able to read, analyze and understand issues of a financial nat

The goal is to be able to read, analyze and understand issues of a financial nature and present them clearly should that be necessary. Part of your grade is to put together a 3-to-5 page
A financial analysis of a publicly held company stating whether the company is worthy of investment.
In this mini research, each student will evaluate financial management (or mismanagement as the case may be) of a firm. You are expected to choose a publicly traded firm or well publicized company and you will survey and evaluate recent changes/developments in the firm’s corporate governance/agency conflicts, capital budgeting decisions, (unique/systematic) risks, financing decisions, capital structure, analyses made by its analysts, news coverage in the media, and stock prices. The research will conclude with a short term (in 3-9 months) and long term (2-3 years) assessments of where the firm will be. There is no limit on the length of the research paper nor a required style, but I am expecting it to be 3 to 5 pages single spaced with appropriate analysis and support.
3-5 pages, single spaced, certainly NOT longer than 5 pages. It can include graphs, charts, pie charts as long as they are germane to the assignment. Should be about a company or an industry that you like.
The paper should have the following structure:
1. History of the company/industry/topic and the historical financial performance
2. Where it is now, financially and market position
3. The strengths of the company/industry/topic
4. The weaknesses of the company/industry/topic
5. Where it is going
6. Your forecast and why. Support your conclusions please.
7. Would you invest in your subject?
8. Tell me something I don’t know.
Originality needed

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