The paper needs to follow the outline that is attached and use all of the source

The paper needs to follow the outline that is attached and use all of the sources
Social organizations team work
In late 1920, social organizations and medical professionals started using teamwork to help
clients. This is because collaboration has become so beneficial for clients on many levels. For
example, in the medical field, the team consists of the Doctor, a nurse, a patient care Technion,
a social worker, and sometimes a religious person. Having all of these people communicate with
the client and speak to the client allows teammates to see if there is an issue in which a client
may not be consistent. For instance, the client may be substantial when talking to a doctor and
feel a certain way. Still, when dealing with a religious person, the client may show signs of not
being clear about what they’re going through, and with them working as a team, the spiritual
person can express this to the Doctor when they’re meeting. This type of teamwork allows the
whole team to know the patient’s thoughts and ensure that the patient’s needs are met.
This is also now the same for Social Workers. The patient now deals not only with the social
worker but also with other people that assist with meeting some of their needs, and the social
worker makes sure that the client has the information to complete any goal that the client is
trying to reach. Having teamwork like this takes a lot of pressure off of one person and allows
the client access to more than just one person if a problem arises.
The purpose of the Research Paper is to identify professional sources related to human services that are applicable to practice, allow one to understand and critically analyze sources, synthesize findings, and communicate findings in a competent and skilled manner. The topic you select must be germane to the field of human services or the student’s major (i.e. Criminal Justice, etc. for non-human services majors) and pertain to small group communication, the focus of this course
Do not include personal anecdotes or comments/narrative in your paper.
You must utilize both paraphrases and direct quotes, and not more than half of the citations can be direct quotes. This will enable you to obtain practice in both in-text citing techniques.
If used, only one block quote is allowed.
Figures/graphs/images do not count toward the final page requirement.
Remember that copying or otherwise use of information from another source without proper citation is considered plagiarism.

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