The whole essay consists of 7 paragraphs, which are introduction, background par

The whole essay consists of 7 paragraphs, which are introduction, background paragraph, 4 body paragraphs, and conclusion.
Each paragraph must be completed according to the format.
Add my thesis at the end of this paragraph.
From a sociological perspective, impulse purchasing among youth in North America needs the attention of the media and government agencies because there need to be stricter policies in place for ad placements on the internet due to the following causes: the company’s lack of product transparency, the young generation’s advanced consumption concept, the trendy concept under the celebrity effect, the purchasing desire influenced by the mood.
– Background
Description of background information
-Four body paragraphs(Please note the formatting, all four paragraphs must follow the same format!!!)
Assertion-> Explanation-> Evidence1->Discussion 1->Evidence 2->Discussion 2->Connection
State Topic + Thesis KW (concept or opinion) + Paragraph KW.
Impulse purchasing among the youth in North America needs the media and government’s attention because companies lack product transparency.
2)Explanation (citation needs to be paraphrased)
Trans. (In more detail, More specifically, In other words)
Explain the paragraph keyword with a synonym.
(For example: In other words, children in Haiti without parents are often left alone to fend for themselves while given no support from outside sources, which leads to their sense of distrust (Proctor, 2018). )
3) Evidence 1 (if direct quote here should be paraphrasing on Evidence 2)
Trans.(According to, As ____states/reports/indicates)
Introduce general evidence (expert explanation/statistics) with sufficient context, 3Es & “quote” (citation needed).
(which is what I wrote: According to Eileen Brown, a digital marketing consultant who has written that 9 out of 10 consumers will stop buying brands that lack transparency posted on zoomone’s website, “American consumers’ expectations for transparency are growing every day, and transparency is not just a sales tactic or a way to communicate innovative marketing messages ”(Brown, 2018). )
4) Discussion 1
Trans. (Clearly, This indicates that It is clear that, In other words)
Explain how the evidence connects to the assertion. Connect the assertion KW with The sis KW (Concept/opinion). Use hedging words for general evidence.
(which is what I wrote: This indicates that when product companies do not hide their goods from the sales process, then even if a different problem arises, trust can be regained if the company admits the mistake and is transparent about the steps it will take to fix the problem.)
5) Evidence 2 (if direct quote here should be paraphrasing on Evidence 1)
Trans. (In addition, For example, Moreover, For instance, According to _____, ____ states/reports/highlights/suggests that)
Write more specific evidence (a real illustrative example/ interview/case study) + credentials + context + “direct quote” (citation).
6) Discussion 2
Trans. (Clearly, With this in mind, This suggests/reveals/highlights that)
Explain how the evidence proves the assertion/thesis/evidence above.
Explain the importance in the scheme of topic.
Supporting Evidence appears here to back up the evidence above (expert’s opinion/ testimony/ statistics). Supporting evidence should be paraphrased.
7) Connection
Trans. (Therefore/Thus/Hence)
Using Topic + Thesis KW (concept/opinion) + Paragraph KW, summarize how the paragraph proved the assertion in one sentence.
Here are some of the references I found, I hope it helps you!
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