This assignment has 5 parts and are not related to each other so please do not m

This assignment has 5 parts and are not related to each other so please do not mix it. This asignment is for Ethnic studies/Ethics so write accordingly. Do not plagarise!
Part 1: Please write on 1 or 2 spoken word pieces and share your thoughts through this discussion exercise in relation to anglo-conformity, colonized minority, counter-stories, intersectionality, eugenics, systemic racism, scientific racism, manifest destiny and ethnic stratification.
Link for part 1:

Part 2: Please put on your critical lens and watch the assigned TED TALK piece. After de-constructing it, please reflect on how decolonization is the anti-thesis to colonization, white supremacy, scientific racism, phrenology and eugenics.
Link for part 2:
Part 3: Please analyze and share your critical analysis via discussion on the Mini-documentary on eugenics and Margaret Sanger.
Link for part 3:
Part 4: After watching the documentary on Racism (part 1), please write an analysis on any of the key thematic issues found throughout the documentary and draw parallels with the doc with your own life and life experiences.
Link for part 4:
Part 5: After watching the documentary Human Zoos: America’s Forgotten History of Scientific Racism, please share your thoughts and analysis on the some of the main key thematics or problematics in relation to colonized minority, anglo-conformity, ethnic stratification, manifest destiny, scientific racism, systemic racism.
Link for part 5:

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