THIS IS A DISCUSSION TOPIC 1 Scenario – You are a Human Resource Manager for a

Scenario – You are a Human Resource Manager for a manufacturing company. The company has determined that it will be necessary to hire more employees to achieve the company’s goal; which is to increase revenues by 15% in the next two years. It has been determined that hiring within the sales department and also within the operations department will yield the most benefit in achieving the company’s revenue goals. In the sales department, you will hire a Sales Representative. In the operations department you will hire an Team Assembler. Your task as the Human Resource Manager is to determine the best pay mix and pay structure for the two positions.
Based on the textbook readings, discuss in detail how you would determine the most appropriate pay mix and structure for the two positions.
For the Houston market, what is your recommendation for the base pay rate of both positions? Should pay ranges and grades be utilized?
Would the jobs include bonuses? Are the bonuses the same or different? How would you justify the bonus assigned to each position?
Utilize the following websites to assist in gathering information for the discussion. Note the websites are great resources for the Compensation Essay assignment. (Note on, you do not have to purchase any products. There are job postings, salary structures, and various articles to assist with your project. Use for information purposes only.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
This is a discussion topic 2
Watch the following video and read the following article (Links to an external site.)
US workers go on strike in 15 cities to demand $15-an-hour minimum wage | Minimum wage | The Guardian (Links to an external site.)
For years fast food workers have been demanding that their pay be increased to $15/hr.
Discuss the follow:
Should the pay rate for fast food workers be raised to $15 an hour. Explain why or why not.
How do you feel raising the rate would impact other business industries and their employees, especially essential workers?
As a Human Resource Manager what type of pay for performance plan would you recommend for fast food workers to achieve increase pay?

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