Topic:News Media’s Dilemma: Make Money? Serve Society? Do both? Do mainstream me

Topic:News Media’s Dilemma: Make Money? Serve Society? Do both?
Do mainstream media companies report news only to make money? Or do they have a responsibility to keep society informed? There is often a conflict between making money and acting responsibly. Is there a way to achieve both goals? Must the news media choose one goal and abandon the other?
This essay should give an in-depth analysis of the topic.
The essay requires research. Course material and external references used must be correctly documented in MLA style. See the Sample Essay with MLA Citation posted under Assignments. Citation is worth 10 per cent of the mark.
Due Date:
Timeline gives the due date for this project. Late penalties will be 10 per cent per day for a maximum of 5 days. After that, the project will not be accepted.
General Instructions:
1,000 to 1,200 words
Word processed, double-spaced.
Formal academic writing using standard English syntax and grammar.
File Type
Save the file as Word (.docx) for efficient marking and feedback. Rich Text Formet (.rtf) Is also OK, No other file types will be accepted.
A complete assignment will consist of:
Title Page:
Displays your full name; student number; course name, instructor’s name, essay title; date submitted.
1,000 to 1,200 words
Spellchecked, formatted with page numbering,
MLA style.
How to Submit:
Save the file as major-yourlastname,doc.
· Submit the document through Safe Assign
· See “How to Use Blackboard & Submit Assignments” in Course Information.
Grading criteria:
Clarity of argument, good grammar and proper MLA citation. Rubric is provided.

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