When high-tech start-up Minx first hit the technology scene, it created a big sp

When high-tech start-up Minx first hit the technology scene, it created a big splash. Its music streaming and voice control technology promised to revolutionize the field. It attracted $500,000 in seed money, suggesting that it could hire the best talent and create amazing new products. But Minx quickly fell off the fast track. It spent nearly $400,000 on a Bluetooth product that sold only 28 units. In addition, a botched security update resulted in the company’s having to conduct a nationwide recall of one of its smart products. Yet, other products have been successful, and the company is not facing bankruptcy.
Initially, Minx offered amazing perks to attract the best and brightest talent. It provided an in-house chef with free gourmet meals, unlimited snacks, on-site acupuncture, and free yoga classes. Its offices were pet-friendly, and new employees received a $10,000 cash signing bonus. To counter the long hours that the tech world notoriously demands of its workers, Minx offered relaxation areas with table tennis and foosball tables.
Unfortunately, bad times have made it necessary for Minx to pull back on its employee perks. Although no staff people are being released, the in-house chef has to go, along with on-site acupuncture, yoga classes, and the $10,000 signing bonus. However, it’s still a good place to work, and camaraderie is high.
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Your Task-Part I. As a communications trainee in the CEO’s office, you have been asked to draft an intranet post or a memo to employees announcing the bad news. Explain the cutbacks that affect current employees. Employ the bad-news techniques taught in this chapter. What could soften this bad news? Write your response in a Word document.

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