Written Assignment 2 – Planters Peanuts Case Study Analysis (Analytical Essay) R

Written Assignment 2 – Planters Peanuts Case Study Analysis (Analytical Essay)
Read the HBP Planters Peanuts Case Study ( https://hbsp.harvard.edu/tu/0a4da2ef ) ; Focus on what this case study suggests about the value of Market Research for understanding product positioning in the Marketplace, audience targeting, message strategy and promotional tactics. Explain these key points in a 350-500 word analysis.
In this case, it’s fair to say that Planters squandered significant opportunities to build on its brand awareness as consumer tastes changed and Market circumstances evolved. Consider how greater attention to trends and audience could have helped the brand position itself better.
Note: In analytical Business writing, avoid expressing points in the First Person, (I, me, mine). Express points objectively and support them with descriptive evidence.
Analytical Essay Criteria
1. Well organized objective information delivered via clear, concise writing;
2. Strong examples and evidence demonstrating thoughtful perspective and purposeful reasoning to support the points;
3. Exhibits appropriate grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, consistent style, use of paragraphs and proofing.

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