You have already begun this task by identifying what you feel are the most compe

You have already begun this task by identifying what you feel are the most compelling concepts in the first four of the seven theoretical models covered in the course during the Week 3 Primary Concepts assignment. You will continue that process in the first part of this Personality Theory Final Paper by identifying what you find to be the most compelling concepts in the remaining three models. Then you will continue that assessment by synthesizing the concepts of personality that
Best explain the roles of heredity and environment.
Provide the best means of assessing personality.
Provide the best theoretical explanation for your personal journey of personality development.
Provide the most useful applications for you as a scholar and professional.
Your paper should be organized according to the following scheme, with sections organized under the following APA-formatted headings.
Start your paper with a general, academic introduction to the topic of theories of personality.
Explain what you plan to cover and the direction your paper will take.
Major Concepts
In Week 3, you identified what you considered to be the most important concepts from the psychodynamic, the neurobiological, the cognitive, and the trait models of personality. In this section of the Final Paper, you will present a concept from each of the remaining three models—behavioral, interpersonal, and self-psychology models.
For each of these three concepts:
Apply a proper APA heading to separate the section.
Describe the concept.
Identify the theorist associated with the concept.
Provide a rationale for why the selected concept is the most applicable from that model.
Keep in mind that the object of this assignment is to identify and discuss a specific concept from each model and not to focus on just one model or provide overviews of the models per se.
The Roles of Heredity and Environment
In this class, we have explored the roles heredity, the environment, and epigenetics play in the development of personality. In this section,
Synthesize your views on how heredity and the environment affect personality development.
Assessment in Personality Theory
In this section, reflect on the various methods for assessing personality that have been presented in this course, and select one that you feel is most useful.
Describe briefly the assessment method that you believe is most useful in assessing personality.
Justify your selection of this method.
Personal Applications
In this section of the paper, reflect on your personality and address the following items:
Identify which of the seven models best explains your developmental journey.
Provide at least one specific example of an element or elements of your personality that are explained by your selected model.
Career Applications
In this section, consider how you can use the knowledge from this course as a professional, addressing the following item:
Explain how you can use the knowledge you have gained about personality development to help achieve your career goals.
Provide a brief conclusion, addressing the following:
Summarize the ideas presented in your synthesis of, and reflection on, personality theory.

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