You need two articles – about how young children learn a language and two about

You need two articles – about how young children learn a language and two about second language learners in PK-12 grades and the issues they face in learning English as a second language (Four articles total).
APA style to create the abstract. Each abstract should be about 2 pages in length (8 pages total = 2 pages for each of the 4 articles) and should contain the following information:
1. Citation
2. Summary
3. Opinions and Evaluation
The rubric for the assignment is as follows:
A. Citation, grammar, spelling and academic honesty (academic honesty means putting it in your own words and NEVER copying word for word from the journal). 20%
B. Content of the Summary: The student should adequately summarize all of the major points of the article.The approximate length is 3-4 paragraphs or about 2 pages for each abstract. An paper earning full credit on this section would include all the major points and conclusions of the author. 40%
C. Content of the Opinion or Evaluation Section: The student should evaluate the article and give his/her opinions about the article, including classroom applications, related personal experiences, opinions about the author’s work and usefulness of the article for future classroom instruction. 30%
D Overall Impression: The impression of cohesiveness that one gets when reading the abstract is to be included in this portion of the grade. This has to do with how the paper flows. Can one tell that the abstract is related to the opinion section? Does the paper flow well and is it organized well? 10%

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